FMA SUMMITS REVIEWS: FMA Summits Testimonial by Walgreens

Future Facilities & Power Summit 7 May 2018

FMA Summits Montreal: Walgreens

“This is my 2nd year at FMA — my first year was a great experience for me, it offered me an opportunity to come back and learn more. What I really like about FMA is the fact that there is an exhibit hall that is pretty much open the entire time which gives me the opportunity to meet with exhibitors when my schedule allows. At the same time, there are some parallel tracks that will allow me to listen to those speeches and presentations that really mean a lot to me and the company that I can take back to the company and implement. And at the same time, last but not least, it’s a great opportunity to meet people within my industry- even outside my industry. I’m a retailer; I work for a retail company. There are a lot of large industrial and commercial companies as well and because FMA is both focused on energy as well as environmental and sustainability matters, many of those things cross into different industry segments. So it gives me a fresh look at what’s available, what other companies are doing that works for them that I can implement in my company and overall it’s just a great networking opportunity. The second year that I’ve been here have already recognized and met other people that came last year as well so that we can compare notes on what happened after the last event. It’s all in all a great opportunity and convenient, very focused and whether you’re a retailer or an industrial customer or a large or small commercial customer it’s a great venue and I’m looking forward to many more years coming to this event.”

FMA Summits Review: PTS Consulting Testimonial


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