FMA SUMMITS REVIEWS: FMA Summits Testimonial by PTS Consulting

Future Facilities & Power Summit 7 May 2018

FMA Summits Montreal: PTS Consulting

“I’m Adam Krupp with PTS Consulting. This is our first experience with FMA and this was their first Data Center Summit. We’re very pleasantly surprised we came not really knowing what to expect, we had some very good interactions with end-users, there was some really good information from the speakers and I think the thing that really differentiates this Summit from a lot of the others that I attend, is the intimacy of the Summit. It isn’t a big group, which is nice and you’re able to really spend some time and get to know all of the different participants, whereas at some of these other larger shows it’s just too many people and it’s a ‘stop-and-chat’; here you get to spend some good quality time with everybody.
And the other thing that was impressive to me was the FMA staff, the principals of the firm were present, they came up and were constantly asking how things were going along for us, if we were getting the right meets with people, if we were enjoying ourselves and they just really helped to facilitate the entire show and I think that’s really different than I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been at a conference where the staff came to you and were really involved in the whole process. So, overall I would say it was an excellent Summit- one I would recommend. We’ll certainly be back here next year and we had a great time.
On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a — definitely an 8 to a 9. Probably would, as this thing develops and we get a little more- richer or deeper attendee list, it could move up to a 10. Definitely the format of the Summit, the intimacy of it and the way the FMA staff help you to get your introductions to people and facilitate that is very important because we all know when we go to these shows, you know, you’re chasing around people and trying to find the end users and they really put the time into coming over to make sure that you were getting properly serviced- that was really helpful.
Another difference of this conference that worked really well for us is having the table for all the different meals. So you get your little tablet here with a sign, you can invite people during the conference to come sit with you or people just randomly sit down and we had several good dialogues with folks ; you know, when you break bread with people it’s always a nice way to break the ice, so that worked out very well and that’s again another difference because of the intimacy of the Summit that you don’t get at one of these big shows.
FMA has a very nice style and very good way about them and I think that helped facilitate the cocktail hour- people hung around, the drank, they relaxed, they had a good time and that’s the best way for you to get to meet people- when you get to hang out and have a casual conversation with somebody that you want to get to know. Those worked out really well as well.
The quality of the attendees, I found was very good. It was people who were specifically interested- they were here for a reason. So lots of shows you get people just showing up just to come have a good time or just be around there because they wanted to say they went to that show; I found that everyone I spoke to had a specific project or something on their agenda. So that makes it much more viable for us as a consulting firm that there’s an opportunity for us to pursue with them when they come for a specific reason.
What was also nice was the diversity of the attendees- so you had people from financials, healthcare, technology- across the board. That was another part of the dynamic that made this a successful Summit for us. We happened to connect with someone in healthcare that walked away with a great opportunity and that’s in addition- they weren’t even on our list of the 15 meetings that we had pre-scheduled before we came here, which were requested by the end users to come sit with us so, it was all on the whole very positive and very successful for us.

FMA Summits Review: PTS Consulting Testimonial


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