FMA Summits : Driving Business Forward – How We Do It

Watch our visual overview of what to expect at an FMA Summit. From registration, through the Exhibit Area, to our Presentation Room. A meal at our corporate dining tables and intimate networking during our cocktail receptions with feedback from our Partners as to how we work for you.

Footage taken from our Progressive Energy, Environment & Sustainability Summits 15 & 16 in Chicago, IL September 2012 and May 2013.


Our Summits target owners, managers and operators of commercial, industrial and retail facilities so that they may learn and understand how to better achieve and surpass their strategic goals of energy efficiency, cost, usage & environmental footprint reduction within their facilities.

Founded in 2006, FMA has since been producing the platform for the sharing of best practices; through rich dialogue, thought leader presentations and the facilitation of relationships between those who have needs and those who can provide the right solutions.

FMA — Strategic Partner for Driving Business Forward

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