“My name is Lisa Barnard with BASF’s The Center for Building Excellence. We’re a group formed as part of BASF’s commitment to Sustainable Development so we’re really here to be a resource to Architects, Engineers, Owners, Contractors- to be a single point of access to BASF. We know we have a lot of technology, chemistry in building construction and we’ve heard it can be difficult to access us. So we’re here to just be that single point of access and help our customers be successful in their own efforts towards sustainable construction.
The FMA Congress has been a really great venue in terms of just having these really rich dialogues with attendees regarding sustainability, where they’re headed, it’s such a moving target and very broad particularly for companies like ours and it’s just very interesting to share best practices and learn where everyone’s headed and be able to just help one another in the spirit of collaboration. That’s something that we really appreciate.
In terms of overall venue, it’s been really great and beneficial just to have everything in one place and not have to do a lot of running around. Having breakfast, lunch dinner, the cocktail hour unfolding right at the end was great and the bar was right next to our booth- so even better!
Overall I’d say, we’ve made some great contacts with some people that were really interested in maybe developing some further programs and perhaps even assisting them in their sustainable strategies from a building and construction perspective.”