More than 150 Corporate Leaders of Sustainability, Utilities, Supply Chain, Engineering and Facilities from Fortune 100 & 500 companies across North America came to FMA Summits Future Facilities & Power Summit in Chicago, IL on May 14th & 15th, 2019. They shared a common purpose:  to evaluate their best options for intelligent building and facilities management.

What they got in addition was a detailed look at state-of-the-art technology in building automation, energy storage, cyber security, micro grid technology, lighting systems, and renewable energy solutions for high-performance facilities. Plus the incalculable benefit of new or solidified business relationships with solutions providers at leading companies like Power Secure, GE Solar, Solar UV, KDC Solar, QFB Energy, FacilityConneX, Cypress Envirosystems, Energy Source and Enertech Global.

Bringing together the right people and the right companies under one roof is the hallmark of Montreal-based FMA Summits. In just two days of informative presentations, live product demos and informal, one-on-one discussions between solution providers, a national retailer identified potential partners to work synergistically in the overhaul of its more than 1,000 showrooms. An operator of a chain of group homes for severely disabled adults discovered cost-effective construction solutions to improve the comfort and safety of its residents. All participants gained new relationships they can leverage in their endeavours to increase operational efficiency, reduce energy costs and improve building resiliency.

Matt Sheasby Sr. Director of Strategic Relations for RC Cubed said ” This is my first FMA Summit here in Chicago and I had no idea what to expect. The thing I identified with is that it is a very intimate event. What does that mean? Well as a vendor that is exhibiting it meant that I could have more one on one contacts with meaningful discussions than trying to shot gun hi how are you? Can I get your card I’ll follow up with you later. That quality level even though it may be a smaller amount is in my opinion a more efficient way and the quality of conversations…I already know I have follow ups scheduled and it such a nice intimate scenario that they are not going to be like I don’t remember meeting this person. This is huge if you’re a vendor wanting to exhibit. I’ve been to other trade shows and it’s kind of a slog and hustle when you’re trying to meet 100 people a day, no one remembers anyone, all the booths are a blur and the same. So this format is really intriguing. It’s my first experience with it and I’ve got to be honest it’s kind of the way to do it. I don’t want this event to get better. I think the quality level is superior to any other exhibitions I’ve been to and I think we’re going to the next one in Tampa in October because of experience here. When the organization sets up meeting for you of companies that are interested to talk to you as well as giving them a list of companies you are interested in talking to and having that set up in an informal lunch format where you have your own table to sit down to a meal…when you break bread with someone that instantly gives you a relaxed comfortable interaction and that leads to more meaningful deeper discussions. That format was a new experience as well. Certainly they all have lunch at different trade shows and its mostly one big buffet line and people congregated their little clicks of people they know but this format propels and forces interaction away from your clicks which is where the meaningful conversation take place. So this format like this entire intimate thing really fits with I think an effective way to have conversations that lead to opportunities. One thing that we didn’t do as well that I highly recommend if you’re going to be a vendor is do as much leg work upfront in giving the organizers the list of companies that intrigue you as well as having conversation with them that explains the why behind it. It’s one thing for the organizers to look at the list and make some calls but when they start to connect and know you which is really cool like at this event I know all the people that ran this event and it seems like I’ve known them for a long time and I literally spent 2 days with them. That’s the kind of service level that is fascinating because they know who you are and they start to think hey I think you should talk to these guys based on what we know you guys do and it’s this saleforce that set up leads and you don’t even have to pay them. You don’t have to pay them a commission for it. So be proactive and helping them know more about you so they could do a good job in helping you.”

Tim Magner Senior Sales Manager for GE Solar said, “It has been a really great experience. This event has been really great in that we have seen potential customers not once but there has been probably 4 to 5 different touch points in that they have been sincere and meaningful. The format was really nice where you are here for a day and a half there was a lot of great presentations and the right amount of time to interact and do it in a non pressure and sincere kind of way. We will did definitely be coming back…to Tampa. The quality was authentic. In a lot of conferences it can be a lot more manufactured and transactional whereas here it wasn’t about give me your card and I’ll give you mine…it was more about questions and figuring out the why and just having a sincere engagement on how we can help them. We also made some meaningful connections with some of the other partners. The format was unique and different. At yesterdays lunch there were a few folks that signed up to meet with us and we showed up at our lunch table and there were 3 to 4 folks from different municipalities and waiting for us to show up. Usually from a commercial front that is usually not the case. We had some great exchanges and dialogue around what they wanted to know from us and how we could help.”

Ron Frericks Owner/President of QFB  Energy said “The things I like about it from the very beginning is it’s not just a booth space. You’re given the opportunity to present to the entire conference not just a subset of people that may choose to come to your presentation. You are given the ability with some dedicated time to talk about what you do with some very like minded people in the room. The one thing we struggle with in marketing in a small company is that we don’t have a lot of dollars to dedicate to a marketing person so we outsource those functions and so it is a struggle when you start to look at the costs and enquiring customers. The resounding positive attributes of this conference is to me..access. We spend a lot of time and money in vehicles running around to visit potential customers. We want to work with the type of companies that are here. They are very large companies. Very large users. Well educated. Know some of the benefits of the things we do for our customers before we even walk in, so our programs are very well accepted by this type of audience. So, having the ability to have access to a lot of those people in one place within 2 days and having the ability to talk about what we can do for our customers and how well we do it is invaluable to me to help us grow. So getting involved with some of these companies and programs helps us to take that leap forward. Instead of walking into other markets we are now running into them and we will have anchor customers in those markets to justify some of the marketing. To me the positive attribute is the direct access to high level people in one room that make the decisions for energy procurement and that’s what we do.”

For more video testimonials from our Future Facilities and Power Summit 9 please click HERE!

Faced with rising utility costs, unreliable grids, and the negative environmental impacts of our many of our energy choices, building owners must look to a new energy model. Connecting all facets of intelligent building and putting the right people together under one roof — the collaborative formula of FMA Summits — offers a clear pathway to the solutions they’ll need.

Join them for their Future Facilities & Power Summit 10 October 22nd and 23rd in Tampa.  For more info click HERE.

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