Partner Hubbell Lighting lets Commercial Buildings ‘Trial’ LED Lighting

Our Partner Hubbell Lighting recently attended our 17th Progressive Energy, Environment and Sustainability Summit in Denver, CO September 15th-17th at the Sheraton Denver West. As experts in energy efficient lighting, Hubbell Lighting targets commercial settings to which they provide energy efficient lighting solutions for lowered energy usage and sizable savings.

The below article was published in the Energy Manager Today newsletter.

Hubbell Lets Commercial Buildings ‘Trial’ LED Lighting

 by Linda Hardesty


Hubbell 300x218 Partner Hubbell Lighting lets Commercial Buildings Trial LED LightingHubbell Lighting has created a program for commercial building owners to trial energy efficiency lighting before purchase.

Hubbell’s createchange program for commercial buildings provides a suite of audit tools implemented with Hubbell Lighting consultants. This allows building owners to precisely forecast the economic impact of various lighting retrofit strategies and also identify any utility rebates that are available.

Then, Hubbell encourages customers to validate those cost saving estimates in the building, selecting and installing up to four Hubbell Lighting products and monitoring the results for up to 90 days. After that trial customers can decide to keep the products or return them for a full refund.

The createchange program includes a comprehensive evaluation of the building, including office areas, halls, conference rooms, restrooms, exteriors, parking garages and mechanical rooms. Hubbell says new lighting and control devices can dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs; for example, in a 150,000 sq-ft-building that operates 24 hours a day, changing out 150 hallway 75 watt incandescent downlights to Hubbell Lighting’s LED fixtures will save a building owner almost $27,000 a year based on an electricity rate of $0.11 per kWh and including lighting energy, maintenance, HVAC and controls savings.

The createchange program for commercial buildings can be coupled with Hubbell’s Cash Flow Positive program where companies can apply to have Hubbell fund their entire lighting and controls upgrade and structure the financing so that energy cost savings are greater than monthly financing costs.



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