Future Facilities & Power Summit 11

In February 2020, FMA Summits organized the 11th Future Facilities & Power Summit in sunny Tampa, Fl. Over 150 corporate leaders from Fortune 100 & 500 companies across North America attended the two-day event, representing various sectors such as sustainability, utilities, supply chain, engineering, and facilities management. This was the first event organized by FMA Summits since the COVID-19 lockdowns, making it an important milestone for the company and the industry.”

The attendees shared a common purpose: to evaluate the best options for intelligent building and facilities management. They also had the opportunity to learn about the latest technology in building automation, energy storage, cyber security, micro grid technology, lighting systems, and renewable energy solutions for high-performance facilities. The event also provided an opportunity for attendees to build new business relationships with solutions providers from leading companies such as GE Solar, QFB Energy, FacilityConneX, Cypress Envirosystems, Energy Source, and Enertech Global.

FMA Summits is a Montreal-based organization that brings together the right people and companies under one roof. The event included informative presentations, live product demos, and informal one-on-one discussions between solution providers. Attendees were able to identify potential partners to work synergistically in the overhaul of their facilities, which included a national retailer identifying potential partners to work on its more than 1,000 showrooms, and an operator of a chain of group homes for severely disabled adults discovering cost-effective construction solutions to improve the comfort and safety of its residents.

Tim Magner, Senior Sales Manager for GE Solar, praised the event’s format, which allowed for multiple touch points with potential customers in a non-pressure and sincere manner. Magner also appreciated the authentic and meaningful engagement with potential partners and the opportunity to make meaningful connections with other partners at the event.

Overall, the Future Facilities & Power Summit provided attendees with the opportunity to learn about the latest technology in intelligent building and facilities management and build meaningful business relationships with potential partners in the industry.

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