FMA Summits launches brand new website

After six years and 17 highly successful Summits, FMA Summits is expanding in exciting new ways to continue facilitating superior business partnerships between energy & operational efficiency focused companies and cutting-edge solution providers- starting with the launch of their brand new website.

The new website will reflect a refreshed brand identity aimed at providing a more targeted service focused on quality, client care and education to ultimately provide existing and future clients with viable strategies for driving their business forward.

The new site aims to provide a fresh, modern and professional communication of FMA’s expertise in the industry via their ‘Industry Resources’ page, whilst presenting their commitment to providing users an easy-to-navigate introduction to their Summits; so that they may understand FMA’s unique approach to initiating and building advantageous and lasting partnerships.

“We have spent the last few years building FMA Summits to provide our clients with a viable strategy for education, the ability to address their goals- allowing for them to drive their business forward”, said Patricia Lianos , Program Director. “FMA Summits is a leader in creating a unique platform- we bridge the gap allowing for businesses to address sustainability through collaboration, rich dialogue and the sharing of best practices. What it all comes down to is: quality and service.”

The new site has been designed to provide simpler navigation and information to help companies decide which Summit they can benefit from most. Users can head to to learn more about Upcoming Summits, review all of our Past Summits, Testimonials and much more.

homepage1 1000x250 FMA Summits launches brand new website

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