Why Work With Us

Our mission at FMA Summits is to identify the right investor to connect you with by representing your organization’s credibility and reputation in the best light. FMA Summits’ network and the relationships we have built over 8 years, include organizations who invest billions of dollars a year into new facilities, offices and site development.

We begin by understanding your policies, culture and sales processes in order to establish relationships with the highest level of trust between American & Latin American Governments, Fortune 500-1000 companies and other Economic Development Agencies.

What we DO

We begin by understanding your goals and target prospects; which we then contact, qualify and make all the arrangements to properly connect you.

Through this process, we aim to establish the right climate for foreign and domestic investments in the USA and Latin America by facilitating the right relationships.

How We Do It

Once you supply us with your target prospects, we launch an out-bound campaign to connect the right people between Governments and Companies, by handling the necessary calling, qualification and connection process.