Alpine Bank Attends our 17th Summit and Leaves Richer Than They Came

A letter from David Miller, Vice President Business Development and GreenTeam Chairperson – Alpine Bank:

stream Alpine Bank Attends our 17th Summit and Leaves Richer Than They Came

Hello Energy Efficiency Friends in Eagle, Garfield and Mesa Counties.

John Evans, Alpine Bank Facilities Officer, and I recently attended the FMA Summits “Progressive Energy, Environment & Sustainability Summit 17” in Denver, September 15-17.  See attached program, FYI.

It became clear to us that a number of the exhibitors could not only potentially benefit Alpine Bank and it’s Green Team’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the bank’s 40+/- locations, but these same companies might be able to assist with the environmental initiatives currently underway in Eagle, Garfield and Mesa Counties.  Accordingly I compiled the attached list of the most promising vendor contacts made by John and me.

It is my hope that if any of these contacts appear promising, especially if any of these individuals return to explore possible projects in Western Colorado, we can share this information and our experience with each other.  My guess is that there is an economy of scale at play here, such that multiple projects as appropriate could reduce the unit cost for all of us.

To help the Progressive Energy Summit  17 exhibitors navigate, the above recipients of this email can be grouped as follows:

Town of Vail, Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability, Actively Green 2015, 2015 Downhill World Ski Championships, Eagle County

  • Kim Langmaid
  • Melissa Kirr
  • Kristen Bertuglia
  • Derek Schmidt
  • John Gitchell

Garfield County, Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER), Garfield Clean Energy

  • Alice Laird
  • Mike Ogburn

Mesa County

  • Kathy Portner
  • Matt Thesing

Please let me know, if you would like any clarification or further information about the conference or these exhibitors.

Take care,




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