APT talks about partnering with FMA Summits in First Newsletter

 untitled1 APT talks about partnering with FMA Summits in First Newsletter

untitled2 APT talks about partnering with FMA Summits in First Newsletter

Welcome to our First APT Web Newsletter

This newsletter is meant to be both an informative article about the goings on at APT as well as an educational piece for your better understanding of current and future technologies. Having said that, I invite you to ask for suggested topics that you are interested in and that can appear in future editions.

The past few months have been a blur as a result of spending more time on the road at trade shows as well as a new trend that I am seeing comprising of a more intimate setting in a mini conference type atmosphere.

APT and its sister companies, SMS and Creative Lighting had presence at NACS, RFMA, PRSM and PRSM Mid-Season.  Additionally, we recently participated at Eaton Hall Exhibitions and FMA Summits.

The latter two being a small and much more intimate setting than the large trade shows we are used to attending. Candidly we loved them.

The normal trade shows are overwhelming, filled with redundant vendor exhibits, have retailers and buyers roaming the aisles between educational sessions, and gone at night to be entertained by a previously scheduled vendor event.

These smaller environments allow both the retailer, facility manager etc. to get to know us on a much more personable level and thereby creating an all-important initial level of trust.

Hurricane season is upon us! Are you aware of APT’s Racers Team? The RACERS, Recovery and Customer Emergency Response Services, was formed with one purpose in mind, to relieve you of your concerns regarding lighting, electrical and signage during times of natural disasters.

Instead of you dispatching call after call to survey damage to a site, APT has created an agreement in the event of a natural disaster. For all existing clients prior to a named storm, APT WILL AUTOMATICALLY DISPATCH THE RACERS TEAM TO SURVEY AND MAKE SAFE ANY LOCATION WITHIN THE AFFECTED AREA AS DEFINED BY NOAA. In addition, if you desire to give an NTE, APT will make whatever repairs possible within the NTE amount to ensure your lighting, signage and electrical components are in a working condition, if possible.  For more information please contact your APT representative.



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